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Atmospheric depositional characteristics of 210Po, 210Pb and some trace elements in İzmir, Turkey

Filizok, Işık, Uğur Görgün, Aysun
Chemosphere 2019 v.220 pp. 468-475
aluminum, antimony, arsenic, atmospheric deposition, barium, cadmium, calcium, chromium, cobalt, collectors, copper, iron, lead, magnesium, manganese, molybdenum, nickel, polonium, potassium, radionuclides, rubidium, silicon, silver, sodium, strontium, tin, vanadium, zinc, Turkey (country)
The total atmospheric deposition rates of 210Po, 210Pb and some trace elements (Li, Be, B, Na, Mg, Al, Si, P, K, Ca, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Ga, As, Se, Rb, Sr, Mo, Ag, Cd, Sn, Sb, Ba, La, Ce, Tl, Pb and U) have been determined for a year (November 2014–October 2015) collecting samples monthly using bulk collectors at three sites in İzmir, Turkey (Aliağa, Bornova, and Dikili). The annual 210Po flux was found as 34.8 Bq m−2 y−1 in Aliağa, 29.2 Bq m−2 y−1 in Bornova, 21.1 Bq m−2 y−1 in Dikili; the annual 210Pb flux was found as 41.7 Bq m−2 y−1 in Aliağa, 43.6 Bq m−2 y−1 in Bornova, 28.6 Bq m−2 y−1 in Dikili. The annual depositional fluxes of 210Po and 210Pb were generally correlated with the amount of precipitation. For most trace elements the highest fluxes were observed in Aliağa, while the lowest fluxes were observed in Dikili.