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Green analytical chemistry: Social dimension and teaching

Kurowska-Susdorf, Aleksandra, Zwierżdżyński, Marcin, Bevanda, Anita Martinović, Talić, Stanislava, Ivanković, Anita, Płotka-Wasylka, Justyna
Trends in analytical chemistry 2019 v.111 pp. 185-196
analytical chemistry, case studies, curriculum, green chemistry, social responsibility
Green Analytical Chemistry (GAC) is the idea which every analytical chemist should be familiar of. Due to continuous improvement in the subject both from the aspects of theory and experimentation, the dynamic way analytical chemistry studies are evolving in the frame of chemistry degrees should not be surprising. Recently, many efforts have been made in order to include Green Chemistry principles to Education, also in the field of analytical chemistry, where twelve GAC principles play a main role. The understanding and awareness of these principles and other evolving related concepts requires special teaching of GAC as a part of curriculum at undergraduate and graduate levels. This article is focused on the main concepts and challenges of teaching GAC and also presents the current accomplishment in this field. In addition, teaching social responsibility in GAC is discussed. Several case studies are also presented as an example for the learners.