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New insights into the application of MSPD in various fields of analytical chemistry

Wianowska, Dorota, Gil, Marta
Trends in analytical chemistry 2019 v.112 pp. 29-51
analytical chemistry, centrifugation, liquid-phase microextraction, magnetism, sand, solvents, sorbents
The aim of this paper was to present the diversity of analytical challenges in which the MSPD technique is useful and the variety of sorbents that are currently applied to meet these challenges with particular emphasis on new research areas in which the MSPD process started to be applied. In addition, the paper presents new tools to improve both the MSPD yields using the MSPD processes supported by centrifugation, ultrasound, microwave and magnetism and its selectivity combining MSPD with other extraction techniques in particular, with microextraction ones, such as liquid-liquid microextraction dispersion or homogeneous liquid-liquid microextraction. Facing the problem of the increased urgency for further reduction of sample preparation costs and organic solvent usage, alternative MSPD approaches such as the solventless MSPD mode and MSPD with sand used as a dispersing material in the so-called sea sand dispersion method were discussed.