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Recent trends in determination of neurotoxins in aquatic environmental samples

Rutkowska, Małgorzata, Płotka-Wasylka, Justyna, Majchrzak, Tomasz, Wojnowski, Wojciech, Mazur-Marzec, Hanna, Namieśnik, Jacek
Trends in analytical chemistry 2019 v.112 pp. 112-122
action potentials, analytical methods, anatoxins, aquatic ecosystems, ciguatoxin, humans, isomers, nervous system, neurotoxins, saxitoxins
Anatoxins, saxitoxins, ciguatoxins, beta-N-methylamino-l-alanine and its isomers are groups of neurotoxins which have a highly specific effect on the nervous system of animals, including humans, by interfering with the transmission of nerve impulses. In order to assess the human exposure to these neurotoxins, selective, interlaboratory-validated analytical methods are being developed to facilitate obtaining reliable results on the levels of neurotoxins both in the water and in biological samples. The aim of this work is to provide an overview of the state of the art of analytical techniques used for isolation and determination of neurotoxins from samples of aquatic ecosystems. This work also constitutes an attempt to outline the current state of knowledge in regard to the occurrence of neurotoxic compounds in aquatic ecosystems on the basis of studies in which adequate analytical methods were used.