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Recent advances in topical delivery of flavonoids: A review

Nagula, Ruchika L., Wairkar, Sarika
Journal of controlled release 2019 v.296 pp. 190-201
antioxidants, bioavailability, drug formulations, encapsulation, flavonoids, in vivo studies, lipophilicity, medicinal properties, metabolites, polyphenols, skin diseases, solubility, toxicity
Flavonoids are one of the vital classes of bioactive chemicals, abundantly found in plants. These are natural polyphenolic compounds derived from plant metabolites. Their lipophilic nature and poor solubility lead to variable and limited oral bioavailability. The substantial pharmacological properties of flavonoids include antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative, photoprotective, depigmentation, anti-aging which are very promising in the treatment of several skin disorders. Thus, various topical delivery systems of flavonoids have been extensively studied. Mostly, colloidal carriers of flavonoids were reported which are very efficient for topical route with good encapsulation potential, reduced toxicity, and overcome the limitations of conventional dosage forms. This review focuses on various formulations aspects, in vitro characterization and in vivo studies of different classes of flavonoids administered by topical route. Although flavonoids offer tremendous potential in healing the skin conditions categorically, its clinical translation needs in depth safety and efficacy data, meeting established regulatory standards.