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Techno-economic analysis of the scale-up process of electrochemically-assisted soil remediation

López-Vizcaíno, R., Yustres, A., Sáez, C., Cañizares, P., Asensio, L., Navarro, V., Rodrigo, M.A.
Journal of environmental management 2019 v.231 pp. 570-575
equipment, polluted soils, prototypes, soil remediation, variable costs
This work presents a techno-economic study of the scaling-up of the electrochemically-assisted soil remediation (EASR) process of polluted soil. Four scales have been selected for the study: laboratory, bench, pilot and prototype, with a capacity of treating a volume of soil of 1 × 10−4, 2 × 10−3, 0.11 and 21.76 m3, respectively. This study analyses the technical information produced by studies carried out at each scale, and informs about the fixed costs (construction of the electrokinetic remediation reactor, installation of auxiliary services and purchase of analytical equipment) and variable costs (start-up, operation and dismantling of the test) derived from running a test at each of the evaluated scales. The information discussed in based on the experience gained with many evaluations carried out over the last decade at these scales. This information can provide useful guidance for developing a scaling-up of the EASR for many researchers starting on the evaluation of this important environmental remediation technology.