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An overview of the recent trends on the waste valorization techniques for food wastes

Nayak, A., Bhushan, Brij
Journal of environmental management 2019 v.233 pp. 352-370
adsorbents, biofuels, byproducts, food waste, value added, water content
A critical and up-to-date review has been conducted on the latest individual valorization technologies aimed at the generation of value-added by-products from food wastes in the form of bio-fuels, bio-materials, value added components and bio-based adsorbents. The aim is to examine the associated advantages and drawbacks of each technique separately along with the assessment of process parameters affecting the efficiency of the generation of the bio-based products. Challenges faced during the processing of the wastes to each of the bio-products have been explained and future scopes stated. Among the many hurdles encountered in the successful and high yield generation of the bio-products is the complexity and variability in the composition of the food wastes along with the high inherent moisture content. Also, individual technologies have their own process configurations and operating parameters which may affect the yield and composition of the desired end product. All these require extensive study of the composition of the food wastes followed by their effective pre-treatments, judicial selection of the technological parameters and finally optimization of not only the process configurations but also in relation to the input food waste material. Attempt has also been made to address the hurdles faced during the implementation of such technologies on an industrial scale.