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Biosorption behavior of the Ochrobactrum MT180101 on ionic copper and chelate copper

Peng, Huanlong, Li, Da, Ye, Jian, Xu, Haixing, Xie, Wenjia, Zhang, Yuguang, Wu, Meirou, Xu, Liang, Liang, Yongmei, Liu, Wei
Journal of environmental management 2019 v.235 pp. 224-230
Ochrobactrum, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, bacteria, biosorption, biotransformation, chelating agents, chelation, copper, heavy metals, pH, thermodynamics
To study the biosorption behaviors of bacteria on heavy metal chelators, the biosorption kinetics, biosorption thermodynamics and pH influence tests of the Ochrobactrum MT180101 on ionic and chelate copper were investigated. Furthermore, the biosorption mechanisms of the Ochrobactrum MT180101 on ionic copper and chelate copper were explained by means of an excitation emission matrix as well as infrared and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy. The results indicated the following. 1) The biosorption on chelate copper was needed to destroy the complexation group first through metabolic and secretory activities. 2) The biosorption mechanism of the Ochrobactrum MT180101 on copper involved surface biosorption, extracellular chelation and bienzyme-mediated biotransformation. The results suggested that Ochrobactrum had a superior biosorption efficiency to ionic and chelate copper.