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Nitrogen supply influences arsenic accumulation and stress responses of rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlings

Srivastava, Sudhakar, Pathare, V.S., Sounderajan, Suvarna, Suprasanna, P.
Journal of hazardous materials 2019 v.367 pp. 599-606
Oryza sativa, arsenic, nitrates, nitrogen, rice, roots, seedlings, shoots, stress response, transporters
In the present study, the effects of nitrogen supply (low nitrogen: LN and high nitrogen: HN) on As stress (25 μM) responses of rice seedlings were monitored for 7 d. The mean length of primary, adventitious and lateral roots and number of adventitious and lateral roots were significantly improved in LN+As, while further reduced in HN+As, as compared to As alone treatment at 7 d. The LN+As treatment resulted in significant decline in As (848 μg g−1 DW) than that in As alone treatment (1434 μg g−1 DW) in roots but no significant effect was seen in shoot. In contrast, HN+As treatment showed significant increase in shoot As (6.86 μg g-1 DW) as compared to As alone treatment (3.43 μg g-1 DW). The level of nitrate was increased in roots but declined in shoots in As alone treatment. Surprisingly, no improvement in nitrate level was seen in HN+As as compared to that in As alone treatment in both root and shoot. The expression analysis of nitrate transporters (NRT2;1, NRT2;3a, NRT2;4) showed significant differences in expression patterns in As, LN+As and HN+As treatments. In conclusion, nitrogen supply had profound influences on responses of rice plants to As.