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A novel manganese oxidizing bacterium-Aeromonas hydrophila strain DS02: Mn(II) oxidization and biogenic Mn oxides generation

Zhang, Yue, Tang, Yankui, Qin, Zhiyi, Luo, Penghong, Ma, Zhou, Tan, Mengying, Kang, Houyao, Huang, Zhining
Journal of hazardous materials 2019 v.367 pp. 539-545
Aeromonas hydrophila, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, bacteria, manganese, manganese oxides, oxidation, sediments
The extensive applications of biogenic manganese oxides (BioMnOx) generated by manganese oxidizing bacteria (MOB) have attracted considerable attentions. In this study, we report on a novel MOB that has been isolated from sediments and identified as Aeromonas hydrophila strain DS02. The Mn(II) oxidation activity of strain DS02 under Mn(II) stress and the application of the associated BioMnOx products were investigated. Nearly 90.0% (495 mg L−1) of the soluble Mn(II) were removed and 45.6% (240 mg L−1) was converted to Mn(III/IV). Fitting the XPS data showed that Mn(IV)-oxide is the major component (82.0%) of the flake-shaped BioMnOx, corresponding to an average Mn oxidation number of 3.71. When the BioMnOx were coupled with the PMS activation, a 99.5% catalytic degradation of 2,4-dimethylaniline was observed after 80 min, revealing a high degradation efficiency.