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Fibroin treatment inhibits chilling injury of banana fruit via energy regulation

Liu, Juan, Li, Fengjun, Li, Taotao, Yun, Ze, Duan, Xuewu, Jiang, Yueming
Scientia horticulturae 2019 v.248 pp. 8-13
adenosine triphosphate, bananas, cell respiration, chilling injury, cold, cold storage, cold tolerance, electrolytes, energy, fibroins, storage temperature, sugars, transcription (genetics)
The effects of fibroin on chilling tolerance of harvested banana fruit via energy regulation were investigated after 4 d of storage at 6 °C. Chilling injury index, respiration rate and electrolyte leakage were also investigated. Application of 1 g L−1 fibroin solution reduced effectively chilling injury symptoms and delayed significantly the decreases in ATP level and energy charge (EC) of banana fruit during storage at 6 °C. Compared with the control group, the transcriptional level of MaATPase1 and MaAAC1 were up-regulated while MaAOX1 and MaUCP1 were down-regulated in fibroin-treated banana fruit after 4 d of storage. Meanwhile, fibroin treatment increased the contents of soluble sugars. The results suggested that fibroin treatment exhibited the potential for alleviating chilling injury symptoms of banana fruit during cold storage by maintaining high energy status.