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Optimal energy resource mix for the US and China to meet emissions pledges

Anasis, John G., Khalil, Mohammad Aslam Khan, Butenhoff, Christopher, Bluffstone, Randall, Lendaris, George G.
Applied energy 2019 v.238 pp. 92-100
climate, energy, energy resources, environmental engineering, greenhouse gas emissions, models, China, United States
The emissions pledges of the US and China as outlined in their November 2014 agreement and in the Paris Climate Accord are key aspects of global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A number of major US states are still pursuing emissions goals aligned with these targets even though the Trump Administration has withdrawn the US from the Paris Accord. China has also reaffirmed its commitment to its targets. This raises the question of what would be the optimal mix of energy resources each nation should deploy in order to meet its respective target. We examine this question using the Combined Energy and Geoengineering Optimization Model (CEAGOM). Our analysis shows that both nations would need to make significant but achievable adjustments to their respective energy mixes in order to meet their targets.