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SOFC/Gas Turbine Hybrid System: A simplified framework for dynamic simulation

Rossi, Iacopo, Traverso, Alberto, Tucker, David
Applied energy 2019 v.238 pp. 1543-1550
controllers, dynamic models, energy, simulation models, working conditions, West Virginia
This paper describes a simplified framework to create dynamic models of SOFC/Gas Turbine Hybrid Systems. After some physical considerations on global SOFC/GT structure, the work focuses on the modelling approach. It embodies some empirical parameters, which can be derived from operating data or detailed simulation analysis. The framework results in a hybrid model – partly physics-based, partly data-driven – which covers a large range of working conditions. The resulting simplicity and robustness of the approach allows the potential adoption in different on-field applications such as fast response models for operators, control system development and validation, model-based controllers, as well as for dynamic performance evaluations. This last application is shown at the end of the paper, where the response of the model is compared with a real Cyber-Physical SOFC/Gas Turbine Emulator installed at the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL), Morgantown (West Virginia, USA).