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Occurrence, toxicity, and speciation analysis of arsenic in edible mushrooms

Zou, Haimin, Zhou, Chen, Li, Yongxin, Yang, Xiaosong, Wen, Jun, Hu, Xiaoke, Sun, Chengjun
Food chemistry 2019 v.281 pp. 269-284
arsenic, biotransformation, human health, mushrooms, toxicity
Owing to the strong concentration and biotransformation of arsenic, the influence of some edible mushrooms on human health has attracted widespread attention. The toxicity of arsenic greatly depends on its species, so the speciation analysis of arsenic is of critical importance. The aim of the present review is to highlight recent advances in arsenic speciation analysis in edible mushrooms. We summarized the contents and distribution of arsenic species in some edible mushrooms, the methods of sample preparation, and the techniques for their identification and quantification. Stability of the arsenic species during sample pretreatment and storage is also briefly discussed.