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MRM–MS of marker peptides and their abundance as a tool for authentication of meat species and meat cuts in single-cut meat products

Nalazek-Rudnicka, Katarzyna, Kłosowska-Chomiczewska, Ilona, Wasik, Andrzej, Macierzanka, Adam
Food chemistry 2019 v.283 pp. 367-374
beef, chicken meat, food processing, ham, mass spectrometry, meat cuts, monitoring, myoglobin, myosin, peptides, processed meat, protocols, raw chicken meat
The abundance of protein markers in different types of meat cuts was explored in the context of authentication of raw meat (pork, beef and chicken) and processed meat products. Peptides originating from myoglobin (Mb) and myosin (My) were analyzed using multiple reaction monitoring mass spectrometry (MRM–MS). Analytical protocol was optimized for good repeatability (CV < 10%) and high sensitivity. The MS signal intensity of Mb marker peptides in raw pork depended significantly on the cut type (e.g. ham vs knuckle). Importantly, a similar pattern in the abundance of the marker peptides was found for processed meat products made of different types of pork cuts, despite the food processing applied. This suggests the protocol can be used for authentication of raw pork cuts and processed products made of different cuts of pork. More uniform contents of Mb markers were found in raw beef cuts, and for My markers in raw chicken cuts.