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Alginate oligosaccharide postharvest treatment preserve fruit quality and increase storage life via Abscisic acid signaling in strawberry

Bose, Santosh Kumar, Howlader, Prianka, Jia, Xiaochen, Wang, Wenxia, Yin, Heng
Food chemistry 2019 v.283 pp. 665-674
abscisic acid, alginates, anthocyanins, ascorbic acid, cell wall components, cell walls, fruit quality, gene expression, genes, hardness, non-climacteric fruits, oligosaccharides, pH, phenols, postharvest treatment, ripening, shelf life, strawberries, titratable acidity, total soluble solids
Abscisic acid (ABA) has been advocated to play substantial role on ripening of non-climacteric fruit. Here we report that alginate oligosaccharide (AOS) postharvest treatments delayed the accumulation of ABA and ABA-conjugates and restrained the expression of ABA signaling genes, resulting enlarged storage life of strawberry. In addition, AOS postharvest treatments also increased the quality and reduced the degradation of cell wall components and repressed the expression of cell wall degradation genes. AOS treated fruits exhibited significant delays of hardness, decay percentage, titratable acidity, pH, total soluble solids and vitamin C content compared to untreated fruits. Moreover, AOS had a positive effect on retaining higher amount of anthocyanin, total phenol and flavonoids contents. The finding of this study suggests that AOS postharvest treatments are very useful for preserving fruit quality and enhancing shelf life by delayed ABA accretion, restrained the gene expression related to ABA signaling and cell wall degeneration.