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Application of homozygosis dominant SSR marker in longan hybrid authenticity identification

Jia, Lila, Dan-lin, Chen, Chao-ji, Liu, Li-jia, P., Ya-ting, Wang, Lei, Hu, Zhenxian, Wu, Gui-bing, Hu, Jia-xin, Fu, Cheng-ming, Liu
Acta horticulturae 2018 no.1211 pp. 207-212
DNA, homozygosity, hybrids, loci, longans, microsatellite repeats, parents, pollen
In this study, two F1 longan hybrid populations named FDD265 and FDD97 were created in 2012, using 'Daguocaopu' as pollen parent, meanwhile 'FD265' and 'FD97' selected from 'Fengliduo' × 'Dawuyuan' (FD) F1 population as maternal parents, respectively. In order to obtain reliable hybrids, we developed to identify the hybrids using paternal homozygosis dominant marker. Firstly, using the parental genomic DNA of FDD265 and FDD97 as templates, 88 and 90 of 274 pairs of SSR primers could amplify the paternal specific markers separately. Secondly, these paternal specific markers were used to screen the inseparable loci using the self-crossed progenies of pollen parent 'Daguocaopu'. Finally, 3 and 1 paternal homozygous dominant markers were selected for identifying 67 and 66 individuals of FDD265 and FDD97 populations, respectively. The result showed that all hybrids of the two populations were identified as real hybrids with the high rates up to 100% hybridity. This result indicates the accuracy and effectiveness of this method for identifying young hybrids using paternal homozygosis dominant marker.