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Structural and mechanical behavior of colloidal fat crystal networks of fully hydrogenated lauric acid-rich fats and rapeseed oils mixtures

Chai, Xiu hang, Meng, Zong, Liu, Chun huan, Liu, Yuan fa
Food chemistry 2019
coconut oil, crystallization, deformation, fractal dimensions, lipid content, mechanical properties, microstructure, modulus of elasticity, palm kernel oil, rapeseed oil, rheology, saturated fatty acids, storage modulus, temperature
The effects of lipid composition, crystallization temperature, Solid fat content (SFC), microstructure on the rheological properties of blends of fully hydrogenated palm kernel oil (FHPKO) or fully hydrogenated coconut oil (FHCNO) with rapeseed oil (RSO) in the range of 20-100% were investigated using small and large deformation rheology. The variation of chemical composition, crystallization temperature (5–30°C), SFC of the blends resulted in different rheological properties. Shear modulus was positive correlation with the content of saturated fatty acid of the sample. The storage modulus (G′) and yield force increased with the addition of FHPKO or FHCNO and were dramatically influenced by SFC and crystallization temperature. The values of G′ in FHPKO/RSO blends were higher than those of corresponding FHCNO/RSO blends. Combined analysis of SFC and microstructure related to rheological behavior revealed that smaller average crystal diameter, higher SFC and higher fractal dimension led to higher storage modulus of fat crystal networks.