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In vitro digestion of meat- and cereal-based food matrix enriched with grape extracts: How are polyphenol composition, bioaccessibility and antioxidant activity affected?

Pešić, Mirjana B., Milinčić, Danijel D., Kostić, Aleksandar Ž., Stanisavljević, Nemanja S., Vukotić, Goran N., Kojić, Milan O., Gašić, Uroš M., Barać, Miroljub B., Stanojević, Slađana P., Popović, Dušanka A., Banjac, Nebojša R., Tešić, Živoslav Lj.
Food chemistry 2019 v.284 pp. 28-44
antioxidant activity, bioavailability, flavonols, food matrix, grain foods, grape seed extract, grapes, in vitro digestion, phenolic acids, polyphenols
The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of enriching a complex food matrix (FM) with grape extracts on polyphenol content, composition, bioaccessibility and antioxidant activity during digestion. The grape extracts and FM were separately tested under the same conditions as controls. The FM by itself contains a significant amount of phenolic acids and flavonols, influencing the final recovery of polyphenols from grape extracts. The FM significantly increased the total recovery of polyphenols after digestion of grape seed extracts compared to those digested without the FM; however, a low recovery of proantocyanidins and total flavonoids was observed. Digestive fluids and FM compounds significantly increased the total polyphenol content of grape digests and significantly contributed to their ABTS+ scavenging activity and ferrous-ion-chelating capacity. The present study suggested that enrichment of meat- and cereal-based products with grape polyphenol extracts could be a good strategy to formulate a healthier diet.