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Effects of rutin and its derivatives on citrinin production by Monascus aurantiacus Li AS3.4384 in liquid fermentation using different types of media

Huang, Zhibing, Zhang, Lijuan, Wang, Yanling, Gao, Heng, Li, Xiujiang, Huang, Xinyu, Huang, Ting
Food chemistry 2019 v.284 pp. 205-212
Monascus, citrinin, culture media, liquid state fermentation, liquids, mycelium, peptones, rutin, starch, yeast extract
The mycotoxin citrinin is often produced during fermentation of Monascus products. We studied the effects of flavonoids on citrinin production by Monascus aurantiacus Li AS3.4384 (MALA) by adding rutin, α-glucosylrutin, or troxerutin to the fermentation medium, in a first-of-its-kind study. Appropriate amounts of rutin, α-glucosylrutin, or troxerutin did not affect normal mycelial growth. Addition of 5.0 g/l of rutin only weakly reduced (29.2%) citrinin production, relative to inhibition by 5 g/l α-glucosylrutin or troxerutin (by 54.7% and 40.6%, respectively). In starch inorganic liquid culture media, addition of 20.0 g/l of troxerutin, followed by fermentation for 12 days, reduced citrinin yield by 75.26%. Addition of 15.0 g/l of troxerutin to low-starch peptone liquid fermentation media reduced citrinin yield by 87.9% after 14 days of fermentation, and addition of 30.0 g/l troxerutin to yeast extract sucrose liquid media for 12 days reduced citrinin yield by 53.7%.