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Determination of nitrofurazone in fluid milk and dairy powders. Part 2: A full international collaborative study

Bendall, Justin G., Crawford, Robert A., Evers, Jaap M., Aleksic, Gordana, Hutchinson, Robert
International dairy journal 2019 v.91 pp. 193-199
UHT milk, ambient temperature, compliance, dairy farming, fluid milk, pasteurization, powders, spray drying
An international Collaborative Study involving 13 laboratories evaluated the performance of a method for the analysis of intact nitrofurazone that is intended as a joint ISO|IDF international standard. The study found that the method was capable of detecting intact nitrofurazone in samples of UHT-treated milk and five powdered dairy products that had been deliberately spiked with nitrofurazone at levels of ≤1 ng g−1 with good within-laboratory repeatability and between-laboratory reproducibility estimates. Nitrofurazone remained stable in UHT-treated milk for 8 weeks at ambient temperature, declining by 50% after 6 months at 30 °C. Powdered dairy products showed no significant decline during 30 °C storage. When considered with the findings of the previous Pilot Study that nitrofurazone survives heat treatment exceeding pasteurisation conditions, as well as spray drying, the joint ISO|IDF international standard method will be a reliable and robust method for determining compliance against illegal nitrofurazone use in dairy farming.