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The complete nucleotide sequence and genomic characterization of tropical soda apple mosaic virus

Kornelia Fillmer, Scott Adkins, Patchara Pongam, Tom D’Elia
Archives of virology 2016 v.161 no.8 pp. 2317-2320
Pepper mild mottle virus, Solanum viarum, amino acid sequences, coat proteins, genome, genomics, methyltransferases, nucleotides, open reading frames, phylogeny, sequence homology, Florida
We report the first complete genome sequence of tropical soda apple mosaic virus (TSAMV), a tobamovirus originally isolated from tropical soda apple (Solanum viarum) collected in Okeechobee, Florida. The complete genome of TSAMV is 6,350 nucleotides long and contains four open reading frames encoding the following proteins: i) 126-kDa methyltransferase/helicase (3354 nt), ii) 183-kDa polymerase (4839 nt), iii) movement protein (771 nt) and iv) coat protein (483 nt). The complete genome sequence of TSAMV shares 80.4 % nucleotide sequence identity with pepper mild mottle virus (PMMoV) and 71.2-74.2 % identity with other tobamoviruses naturally infecting members of the Solanaceae plant family. Phylogenetic analysis of the deduced amino acid sequences of the 126-kDa and 183-kDa proteins and the complete genome sequence place TSAMV in a subcluster with PMMoV within the Solanaceae-infecting subgroup of tobamoviruses.