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Highly mechanical nanostructured aramid-composites with gradient structures

Ou, Yanghao, Lin, Meiyan, Su, Lingfeng, Feng, Xiao, Wang, Ming, Li, Jun, Liu, Detao, Qi, Haisong
Composites 2019 v.118 pp. 250-258
composite materials, dewatering, energy, manufacturing, nanofibers, paper, slurries, tensile strength
In this work, we reported a gradient structure that can significantly improve the mechanical strength of aramid paper by depositing a layer of nano-aramid fibers (ANFs) on both sides. The introduction of Dimethyl Diallyl Ammonium Chloride (DMDAAC) in the fabrication of nanostructured aramid-composites dramatically promotes the dewatering efficiency of the aramid nanofibers slurry, and also accelerates the formation of gradient structural of the composites. The gradient deposition of ANFs in the porous aramid paper matrix yields the highly pilotaxitic textures and stiff structures of the aramid composite paper. The results indicated that the tensile strength, specific strength, and fracture energy increased respectively 36.7 times, 14.1 times and 78.0 times from the original aramid paper. The method reported in this work gives a good case for designing the structure composites with low density and high strength in aerospace and car manufacturing applications.