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A paruterinid metacestode in the liver of a Neotropical bat (Molossus molossus)

Alex Junior Souza de Souza, Andreza Pinheiro Malheiros, Max Moreira Alves, André Antônio Corrêa das Chagas, Lilian Rose Marques de Sá, Manoel do Carmo Pereira Soares
Parasitology international 2019 v.70 pp. 46-50
Cestoda, Molossus, frugivores, genes, histopathology, hosts, larvae, liver, phylogeny, ribosomal DNA, tapeworms, Amazonia, Brazil
We describe a case of microscopic liver lesion caused by larval cestode in a frugivorous bat (Molossus molossus) from the Western Brazilian Amazon. Histopathological analysis of liver indicated the occurrence of metacestode associated with multifocal histiocytic response and the phylogenetic analysis of Cox-I and 18S rDNA genes indicated that the parasite belonged to the family Paruterinidae. This is the first identification of cestodes of the family Paruterinidae in bats and may suggest a broad range of paruterinid tapeworm hosts to be investigated in the Brazilian Amazon.