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Ascaris lumbricoides found in ashore corpses from Korean peninsula to Japan

Sato, Megumi, Funayama, Kazuhisa, Hoshi, Reiji, Takatsuka, Hisakazu, Sato, Marcello Otake
Parasitology international 2019 v.70 pp. 1-4
Ascaris lumbricoides, coasts, eggs, helminthiasis, internal transcribed spacers, public health, ribosomal DNA, Japan, North Korea
Yearly, several reports of unknown boats and corpses brought by the Tsushima Current are found ashore Japanese coast. Niigata prefecture had the highest number of the drifting ashore corpses in Japan with 45.7% (16/35) in 2017. Corpses from North Korea, confirmed by documents and photos were autopsied and in 3/16 was possible to recover worms full of eggs, morphologically identified as ascarids. Further molecular analysis of ITS1, 5.8S rDNA and ITS2 sequences confirmed all specimens were Ascaris lumbricoides. The contamination level by Ascaris lumbricoides eggs in the coast, the health impact and consequences of the epidemiological bridging produced by this forced migration in public health should be investigated. Moreover, control of helminthiases might be a necessary task in North Korea.