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Functional Analysis of Three Rice Chloroplast Transit Peptides

He, Lei, Chen, Guang, Zhang, Sen, Qiu, Zhennan, Hu, Jiang, Zeng, Dali, Zhang, Guangheng, Dong, Guojun, Gao, Zhenyu, Ren, Deyong, Shen, Lan, Guo, Longbiao, Qian, Qian, Zhu, Li
Rice science 2019 v.26 no.1 pp. 11-20
Oryza sativa, chloroplast transit peptides, chloroplasts, green fluorescent protein, metabolism, protoplasts, rice
Chloroplast transit peptides (CTPs) can be used to transport non-chloroplastic proteins into the chloroplasts. Here, we studied the CTPs of three rice (Oryza sativa L.) chloroplast-localized proteins and found that their CTPs could be used to transport non-chloroplast-localized proteins into the chloroplasts. Fusion proteins lacking the CTP remained located in the cytoplasm. Furthermore, we constructed green fluorescent protein fusion vectors with the three CTPs and three non-chloroplast-localized proteins, Ghd10, MULTI-FLORET SPIKELET1 (MFS1), and SHORTENED UPPERMOST INTERNODE 1 (SUI1). After transforming these constructs into rice protoplasts, the fusion proteins all localized in the chloroplasts. Collectively, our results showed that these CTPs can transport non-chloroplast-localized proteins into the chloroplasts, and more importantly, these CTPs can be applied to engineer chloroplast metabolism.