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Taraxastane-type triterpenoids from the medicinal and edible plant Cirsium setosum

Peng-Cheng LIN, Lin-Lin JI, Xiang-Jian ZHONG, Jin-Jie LI, Xin WANG, Xiao-Ya SHANG, Sheng LIN
Chinese journal of natural medicines 2019 v.17 no.1 pp. 22-26
Cirsium arvense, Oriental traditional medicine, animal ovaries, antineoplastic activity, cell lines, chemical structure, colorectal neoplasms, cytotoxicity, food plants, humans, inhibitory concentration 50, ovarian neoplasms, secretion, spectral analysis, triterpenoids, tumor necrosis factor-alpha
Guided by TNF-α secretion inhibitory activity assay, four taraxastane-type triterpenoids, including two new ones, 22-oxo-20-taraxasten-3β, 30-diol (1) and 22α-hydroxy-20-taraxasten-30β, 30-triol (2), have been obtained from an active fraction of the petroleum ether-soluble extract of the the medicinal and edible plant Cirsium setosum. Their structures were elucidated by spectroscopic data and CD data analysis. In the TNF-α secretion inhibitory activity assay, compounds 1 and 2 were active with the IC50 of 2.6 and 3.8 μmol·L−1, respectively. In addition, compounds 1 and 2 showed moderately selective cytotoxicity against the human ovarian cancer (A2780) and colon cancer (HCT-8) cell lines.