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Biobleaching for pulp and paper industry in India: Emerging enzyme technology

Singh, Gursharan, Kaur, Satinderpal, Khatri, Madhu, Arya, Shailendra Kumar
Biocatalysis and agricultural biotechnology 2019 v.17 pp. 558-565
biobleaching, business enterprises, cost effectiveness, delignification, laccase, pollution, prices, pulp, pulp and paper industry, wood, xylanases, India
Indian pulp and paper industry is one of the fastest emerging business sector of the country which has shown tremendous growth in last few years. Governments policies are creating sustain pressure on paper industries to preserve the clean and pollution free environment at any price. As a result industries are pondering to replace the chemical bleaching processes with facile bio-based cost effective technologies. Eco-friendly bleaching enzymes like xylanases and laccases have the potential for biobleaching of wood and agro-based pulps at industrial scale. In India, enzymatic prebleaching of pulp is widely being investigated and has achieved favorable outcomes but at laboratory scales only and commercial application of enzymes for the delignification of pulp is still at budding stage. This article tends to draw the attention on significant efforts which have been continually attributed by indigenous research laboratories and industries to replace the chemical bleaching with enzymes.