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Marketing mix for the promotion of biological control among small-scale paddy farmers

Davari Farid, Roghayeh, Azizi, Jafar, Allahyari, Mohammad Sadegh, Damalas, Christos A., Sadeghpour, Hassan
International journal of pest management 2019 v.65 no.1 pp. 59-65
Chilo suppressalis, biological control, farmers, paddies, prices, rice, villages, Iran
Understanding farmers’ decision process on the adoption of biological control (BC) may help in promoting adoption. This study explored for the first time the impact of marketing mix elements (product, price, promotion, and place) on bolstering BC for the management of rice stem borer (Chilo suppressalis Walker) among rice farmers in Fuman County in northern Iran. Farmers using BC were familiar with this method primarily via village councils and rural municipality organizations (Dehyaris) and then via distributors of trichocards. Almost half of the farmers (48.3%) had weak to moderate level of contact with distributors of trichocards. All four elements (4Ps) of marketing mix (product, place, price, and promotion) were effective on the marketing of BC agents. Place (distribution) mix, followed by price mix, were the most important factors in marketing trichocards in farmers’ views. According to the sensitivity to 4Ps of marketing mix, most farmers were grouped as semi-sensitive (45.6%) and sensitive (39.4%). Overall, the availability of biological agent products in the market, the affordable price of the products, and the strong relationship of rural people with village councils and rural municipality organizations (Dehyaris) are crucial factors for BC promotion in paddy fields of Fuman.