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Lignosulfonate: A Convenient Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer Platform for the Construction of a Ratiometric Fluorescence pH-Sensing Probe

Xue, Yuyuan, Wan, Zechen, Ouyang, Xinping, Qiu, Xueqing
Journal of agricultural and food chemistry 2019 v.67 no.4 pp. 1044-1051
energy transfer, fluorescence, lignin, lignosulfonates, mixing, oligonucleotides, rhodamines, water solubility
Lignin is a kind of natural fluorescent polymer material. However, the application based on the fluorescent property of lignin was rarely reported. Herein, a noncovalent lignin-based fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) system was readily constructed by physical blending method with spirolactam rhodamine B (SRhB) and lignosulfonate (LS) as the acceptor and donor groups, respectively. The FRET behavior, self-assembly, and energy transfer mechanism of SRhB/LS composite were systematically studied. It was demonstrated that LS could be used as a convenient aptamer as energy donor to construct water-soluble ratiometric sensors because of its inherent property of intramicelle energy transfer cascades. Our results not only present a facile and general strategy for producing lignin-based functional material but also provide a fundamental understanding about lignin fluorescence to promote the functional and high-valued applications of lignin fluorescence characteristic.