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Hybrid Optical/Electric Memristor for Light-Based Logic and Communication

Cai, Shu-Yi, Tzou, Chen-Yang, Liou, Yi-Rou, Chen, Ding-Rui, Jiang, Cing-Yu, Ma, Jing-Meng, Chang, Chi-Yuan, Tseng, Chen-Yang, Liao, Yu-Ming, Hsieh, Ya-Ping, Hofmann, Mario, Chen, Yang-Fang
ACS applied materials & interfaces 2019 v.11 no.4 pp. 4649-4653
Internet, electric current, electronic equipment, light intensity, lighting, neurons
Light-based information processing has the potential to increase speed, security, and scalability of electronic devices if issues in the device complexity could be resolved. We here demonstrate an integrated nanoelectronic device that can combine, store, and manipulate optical and electronic information. Employing a mechanically flexible and multilayered structure, a device is realized that shows memristive behavior. Illumination is shown to control the device operation in several unique ways. First, the device produces photocurrent that allows us to read out the device state in a self-powered manner. More importantly, a varying light intensity modulates the switching transition in a proportional manner that is akin to a neuron with variable plasticity and which can be taught and queried using either light or electrical inputs. This behavior enables a multilevel light-controlled logic and teaching schemes that can be applied to light-based communication devices and provides a route toward ubiquitous and low-cost sensors for future internet of things applications.