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The effects of debris flow in the Republic of Korea and some issues for successful risk reduction

Lee, Su-Gon, Winter, Mike G.
Engineering geology 2019 v.251 pp. 172-189
case studies, governance, infrastructure, landslides, mountains, risk reduction, urban areas, South Korea
This paper describes case studies of debris flow and related events in the Republic of Korea and their causes before considering the actions that are desirable in terms of management and mitigation. The paper also considers the obstacles to progress, and, in particular, discusses issues surrounding the governance of land and infrastructure. Experience of other events that occurred in the recent past, including those that have occurred in rural and urban environments is drawn upon. It is concluded that many landslides can be attributed to poor understanding of geomorphological, geological and geotechnical issue and that the causes of debris flows can frequently be attributed to anthropogenic factors. The needs for improved regulations for slope construction and maintenance in mountainous areas of Korea, and for an integrated slope management system are presented.