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Monitoring of an aquatic environment in aquaculture using a MEWMA chart

Mulema, S.A., García, A. Carrión
Aquaculture 2019 v.504 pp. 275-280
aquatic environment, control methods, environmental factors, fish culture, monitoring, Mozambique
Monitoring an aquatic environment in aquaculture is usually carried out by controlling its physicochemical and biological parameters. The global state of the process is evaluated though the individual conditions shown in each parameter. However, the correlation structure in the data, caused by interdependence between these parameters, provides relevant information which must be controlled. Thus, the complex structure of the data requires a multivariate control method to explore both the individual and interactive effects of the environmental parameters. To achieve this goal, this paper presents a statistical method based on a Multivariate Exponentially Moving Average (MEWMA) chart to monitor the multivariate structure of an aquatic environment in aquaculture, especially in a crop of tilapia in Mozambique. The results show that the adjusted MEWMA chart is more consistent when controlling the conformity and stability of environmental parameters. Therefore, it can be considered an efficient statistical method to monitor an aquatic environment in aquaculture.