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Beach nourishment using sediments from relict sand deposit: Effects on subtidal macrobenthic communities in the Central Adriatic Sea (Eastern Mediterranean Sea-Italy)

Targusi, M., La Porta, B., Lattanzi, L., La Valle, P., Loia, M., Paganelli, D., Pazzini, A., Proietti, R., Nicoletti, L.
Marine environmental research 2019 v.144 pp. 186-193
asphyxia, coasts, sand, Adriatic Sea, Italy
Nowadays nourishment is the most popular shore reconstruction strategy to counteract erosion of coastal areas. Sediments used for nourishment can have terrestrial or marine origin. This study analysed the effects of nourishment with relict sand on the subtidal macrobenthic communities and on the surface sediment at 7 sites of the Marche Region (Central Adriatic Sea, Italy). Samples for biological and physical analyses were collected in each site before and after nourishment. One year after nourishment the presence of the relict sands used for the replenishment is still visible in the sediment of each site. In the same period macrobenthic communities are characterised by the dominance of a few species able to avoid burial and suffocation phenomena, showing a low variability respect to the communities present before.