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Analysis of wind farm output characteristics based on descriptive statistical analysis and envelope domain

Wang, Yibo, Shao, Xinyao, Liu, Chuang, Cai, Guowei, Kou, Lei, Wu, Zhiqiang
Energy 2019 v.170 pp. 580-591
descriptive statistics, mining, statistical analysis, wind, wind farms, wind power
In order to make full use of the built wind farm, it is one of the most basic work to analyze the output characteristics. In this paper, a thought of mining wind power output characteristics with the perspective of descriptive statistical analysis and correlation is put forward. Based on the measured data, the output characteristics of the wind farm are analyzed from two aspects of descriptive statistics: the digital feature and the distribution characteristics. Then, in view of the wind speed-power relationship, an envelope domain is constructed to characterize it, and its rationality is verified by the defined data density index of wind power output. The method proposed in this paper is helpful to effectively characterize the output characteristics of wind farm connected to the network, and lays a foundation for better operation and management of wind farms.