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A new model for reliability-centered maintenance prioritisation of distribution feeders

Afzali, Peyman, Keynia, Farshid, Rashidinejad, Masoud
Energy 2019 v.171 pp. 701-709
decision making, energy, models, operating costs, prioritization
Maintenance of distribution systems has become more important due to the need to increase energy availability, quality and safety, and also reduce operation cost. Accordingly, the maintenance strategy in distribution systems is one of the most important decision-making activities. One of the most important evaluations for deciding the adequate performance of power distribution system is the identification of the critical components. On the other hand, the budget for maintenance of components is limited, so the maintenance should only be performed on critical components. Identifying the critical components is used to achieve the objective of minimising the cost for maintenance actions. This paper presents a new weighted importance (WI) reliability index model and proposes an appropriate method in order to prioritise the elements of distribution system for reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) at two different levels. At the first level, the feeders of a sample distribution substation are prioritised for the RCM actions. The second level is more detailed than the first level. At the second level, the components of a sample feeder are prioritised for the RCM actions. The reliability of system can be increased to as much as required level while minimal maintenance to be done by the maintenance prioritisation of the system components and performing the maintenance actions on the critical components. Appropriate maintenance decision-making for the critical components of distribution system can lead to the improvement in the reliability of distribution system.