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High CO2-tolerant and Cobalt-free dual-phase membranes for pure oxygen separation

Du, Zhihong, Ma, Yanhui, Zhao, Hailei, Li, Kui, Lu, Yao
Journal of membrane science 2019 v.574 pp. 243-251
artificial membranes, carbon dioxide, copper, oxygen, permeability
A series of La0.15Sr0.85FeO3-δ-xLa0.15Ce0.85O2-δ (LSFO-xLDC) and Cu-doped LSFO-70La0.15Ce0.8Cu0.05O2-δ (LSFO-70LDCC) dual-phase membranes were prepared by one-pot method and evaluated systematically as high CO2-tolerant oxygen separation membranes. The results reveal that the stability of the membranes is improved by compositing LDC. Among the studied compositions, the LSFO-70LDC compound shows excellent stability under reducing atmosphere and CO2-containing atmosphere. The oxygen permeability of LSFO-70LDC membrane with 0.6 mm thickness is 0.49 mL cm−2 min−1 at 950 °C. In addition, LSFO-70LDC shows outstanding long-term stability with stable oxygen permeability of 0.30 mL cm−2 min−1 at 900 °C for 100 h. Cu-substitution prominently enhances the oxygen permeation performance of the LSFO-70LDCC dual-phase membrane, which delivers an enhanced oxygen permeability of 0.65 mL cm−2 min−1 at 950 °C. Moreover, the LSFO-70LDCC membrane exhibits excellent long-term stability for 100 h at 900 °C in both pure He and CO2. These results indicate that the developed LSFO-70LDC and LSFO-70LDCC dual-phase membranes are very promising membranes for oxygen separation.