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Quality attributes of parboiled rice prepared with a parboiling process using a rotating sieve system

Srisang, Naruebodee, Chungcharoen, Thatchapol
Journal of cereal science 2019 v.85 pp. 286-294
color, gelatinization, grain yield, parboiling, rice, starch
The aim of this study is to apply a rotating sieve system to the parboiling process for parboiled rice production. The parboiling time and rotation speed were the main production factors affecting the quality attributes of the parboiled rice, including the degree of starch gelatinization (DG), fissure percentage, head rice yield (HRY), white belly, and color. The results showed that the parboiling process with a rotating sieve can decrease the parboiling time required to provide an even quality of parboiled rice. The parboiling time for an even quality of parboiled rice was 5 min at rotation speeds of 10 and 15 rpm, while the parboiling time at a rotation speed of 5 rpm was 10 min. These times were shorter than that with a fixed sieve (15 min). Moreover, the parboiling process using a rotating sieve system provided better qualities of parboiled rice than that using the fixed sieve system, including higher DG and HRY and lower fissure and whiteness percentages. Additionally, the values of DG and HRY were increased with increasing parboiling time. In contrast, the fissure and whiteness percentages of the parboiled rice decreased. However, the quality of the parboiled rice was not dependent on the rotation speed.