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Screening and identification of gut anaerobes (Bacteroidetes) from human diabetic stool samples with and without retinopathy in comparison to control subjects

Moubayed, Nadine MS., Bhat, Ramesa Shafi, Al Farraj, Dunia, Dihani, Nouf Al, El Ansary, Afaf, Fahmy, Rania Medhat
Microbial pathogenesis 2019 v.129 pp. 88-92
Bacteroides, anaerobes, diabetes, digestive system, feces, humans, intestinal microorganisms, retinal diseases, screening
Studies have reported a reciprocal interaction between metabolic disorders and the human gut microbial composition. However, more information is still needed concerning the gut microbiome related to metabolic disorders such as Diabetes. The aim of the present study was to reveal whether stool samples collected from normal individuals and from diabetic subjects with or without retinopathy differ in their gut microbial composition. Data showed higher Bacteroides ratio in diabetic groups gut composition with no significant difference of bacterial strains in diabetic subjects with or without retinopathy compared to lean (control) individuals gut microbiota. These findings indicated that the gut microbiota is altered in accordance to the presence of metabolic disorders. However, further studies have to be elaborated in terms of gut microbial composition with diabetes.