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Albedo estimation for real-time 3D reconstruction using RGB-D and IR data

Stotko, Patrick, Weinmann, Michael, Klein, Reinhard
ISPRS journal of photogrammetry and remote sensing 2019 v.150 pp. 213-225
geometry, lighting, reflectance, robots, vision, wavelengths
Reconstructing scenes in real-time using low-cost sensors has gained increasing attention in recent research and enabled numerous applications in graphics, vision, and robotics. While current techniques offer a substantial improvement regarding the quality of the reconstructed geometry, the degree of realism of the overall appearance is still lacking as the reconstruction of accurate surface appearance is highly challenging due to the complex interplay of surface geometry, reflectance properties and surrounding illumination. We present a novel approach that allows the reconstruction of both the geometry and the spatially varying surface albedo of a scene from RGB-D and IR data obtained via commodity sensors. In comparison to previous approaches, our approach offers an improved robustness and a significant speed-up to even fulfill the real-time requirements. For this purpose, we exploit the benefits of scene segmentation to improve albedo estimation due to the resulting better segment-wise coupling of IR and RGB data that takes into account the wavelength characteristics of different materials within the scene. The estimated albedo is directly integrated into the dense volumetric reconstruction framework using a novel weighting scheme to generate high-quality results. In our evaluation, we demonstrate that our approach allows albedo capturing of complicated scenarios including complex, high-frequent and strongly varying lighting as well as shadows.