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Use of static magnetic fields to increase CO2 biofixation by the microalga Chlorella fusca

Deamici, Kricelle Mosquera, Santos, Lucielen Oliveira, Costa, Jorge Alberto Vieira
Bioresource technology 2019 v.276 pp. 103-109
Chlorella, biomass, carbon dioxide, carbon dioxide fixation, growth models, magnetic fields, microalgae, protein content
This study aimed to use different conditions of magnetic field (MF) application during Chlorella fusca cultivation and evaluate CO2 biofixation by the microalga through growth kinetics in addition to the biomass composition. For this purpose, we tested different MF intensities applied for 1 h d−1 and for 24 h. Cultures exposed to the MF for 1 h d−1 (in both intensities) had greater biomass concentrations (1.42 g L−1) and 34% more productivity in the same time as the control assay. The biofixation rate increased by 50% with 60 mT for 1 h d−1, and the protein content was enhanced by 30 mT (56.21% w w−1). This study was the first to consider the MF effect on CO2 biofixation. MF applied for 1 h d−1 proved to be an efficient alternative method to increase the CO2 biofixation and growth of C. fusca besides to be an inexpensive and nontoxic method.