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Two-stage autohydrolysis and mechanical treatment to maximize sugar recovery from sweet sorghum bagasse

Koo, Bonwook, Park, Junyeong, Gonzalez, Ronalds, Jameel, Hasan, Park, Sunkyu
Bioresource technology 2019 v.276 pp. 140-145
autohydrolysis, bagasse, cellulose, enzymatic hydrolysis, mechanical methods, refining, sugars, sweet sorghum
Modified autohydrolysis combined with mechanical refining has been suggested to recover free sugars from sweet sorghum bagasse and facilitates enzyme access to cellulose in bagasse for enhancing its conversion to fermentable sugars. The amount of total available sugars in sweet sorghum bagasse was found to be 76.1% and this value was used to evaluate the efficiency of the process suggested. Total sugar recovery was achieved up to 68.1% through the single-stage autohydrolysis at 170 °C for 60 min, followed by mechanical refining and enzymatic hydrolysis; however, the sugar recovery through partial degradation of free sugars induced by high-temperature autohydrolysis was lower than expected. A modified two-stage autohydrolysis was suggested to prevent sugar degradation and the total sugar recovery using this process reached 83.9% of total available sugars in sweet sorghum bagasse.