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Microalgal lipids production and nutrients recovery from landfill leachate using membrane photobioreactor

Chang, Haixing, Fu, Qian, Zhong, Nianbing, Yang, Xin, Quan, Xuejun, Li, Shuo, Fu, Jingwei, Xiao, Chao
Bioresource technology 2019 v.277 pp. 18-26
algae culture, biomass, combustion, landfill leachates, linolenic acid, microalgae, nutrients, phosphates, photobioreactors
The aim of this work was to realize high-efficiency nutrients recovery from landfill leachate (LL) for microalgal lipids production. Negative effects of LL on microalgal lipid synthesis was revealed and a scalable membrane-based tubular photobioreactor (SM-PBR) was proposed to offset these negative effects. Microalgal biomass concentration was improved from 0 g/L in the traditional PBR to 2.13 g/L in the SM-PBR. Major operating conditions were optimized to enhance nutrients recovery and lipid productivity. The maximum N recovery efficiency of 74.31% and the maximum daily lipid production of 404.98 mg/d were obtained under the volume ratio of 5:3 (microalgae culture/LL stream) and phosphate feeding concentration of 50 mg/L. The obtained lipid was convinced to have a good combustion and anti-degradation property, with high cetane number (>52%) and low linolenic acid content (<12%). The SM-PBR provided a feasible approach for large-scale microalgal lipid production with LL.