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Gasification reactivity of co-pyrolysis char from coal blended with corn stalks

Chen, Xiye, Liu, Li, Zhang, Linyao, Zhao, Yan, Qiu, Penghua
Bioresource technology 2019 v.279 pp. 243-251
coal, corn stover, gasification, pyrolysis, temperature, thermogravimetry
The gasification reactivity of coal and corn stalks co-pyrolyzed char is studied using thermogravimetric analysis, and the influence of co-pyrolysis on co-gasification reactivity is quantitatively characterized by synergy index. The results demonstrate that with increasing the pyrolysis temperature, the gasification reactivity of coal char gradually decreases, however, the gasification reactivity of CS char does not change monotonically. Furthermore, inhibition effect on co-gasification reactivity of 75% CS co-pyrolyzed char and se-pyrolyzed mixed char is shown at early stage of co-gasification and it gradually becomes synergistic effect as the co-gasification process progresses. However, the effect of the interaction of coal and CS in co-pyrolysis process on co-gasification reactivity is more important than that of the interaction of coal char and CS char in the co-gasification process. Finally, the optimal co-pyrolysis condition for obtaining highly reactivity char is that the ratio of CS in blend exceeds 70% at the pyrolysis temperature about 600 °C.