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Over-expression of OsPT2 under a rice root specific promoter Os03g01700

Li, Yuanya, Li, Caixia, Cheng, Lizhong, Yu, Shuangshuang, Shen, Chenjia, Pan, Yue
Plant physiology and biochemistry 2019 v.136 pp. 52-57
breeding, gene expression, genetic transformation, nutrient uptake, phosphorus, regulatory sequences, rice, seedlings, shoots, toxicity
Identification of root-specific promoters is a good method to drive root-specific gene expression for nutrient uptake. Constitutive over-expression of OsPT2 may have negative effects on the growth of rice seedlings under high Pi condition. Thus, characterization and utilization of root-specific promoters are critical for genetic breeding. Here, a root-specific promoter (Os03g01700) with a number of specific regulatory elements has been confirmed. Interestingly, cis-regulatory element S449 is significantly enriched in the −1475∼-2013 bp and −1077∼-1475 bp regions of Os03g01700 promoter. The activities of several deletion derivatives of Os03g01700 promoter were analyzed using both transient expression and genetic transformation system. The results showed that the root-specific cis-acting elements might be present in the −2013 bp~-1475 bp and −1077 bp~-561 bp regions of Os03g01700 promoter. To determine the actual effect of root-specific expression of OsPT2, a construction consisting of Os03g01700 promoter and OsPT2 CDS was used to transform rice. Under Pi-sufficient condition, there were a series of symptoms of phosphorus toxicity in the shoots of OsPT2 over-expressing (Ov-OsPT2) seedlings. Under Pi-deficient condition, more soluble Pi was accumulated in the shoots of Ov-OsPT2 seedlings than that in the wild type. Our data provide a candidate root-specific promoter in the breeding of rice with high phosphorus uptake variety.