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Facile fabrication of quaternary water soluble chitosan-sodium alginate gel and its affinity characteristic toward multivalent metal ion

Fu, Yinghao, Xiao, Congming, Liu, Juan
Environmental technology & innovation 2019 v.13 pp. 340-345
adsorption, ammonium salts, aqueous solutions, chitosan, copper, dyes, environmental technology, gels, lead, metal ions, quaternary ammonium compounds, rhodamines, sodium alginate, water solubility
A novel chitosan-based gel-capsule that exhibited excellent adsorption property was facilely generated. Firstly, a gel was formed from quaternary ammonium salt of water soluble chitosan and acted as a dissolvable core. Then, a polymeric shell was formed via immersing the gel in the aqueous solution of sodium alginate. The obtained complex gel was able to convert into a stable gel-capsule through imbibing acidic buffer saline or aqueous solutions containing metal ions or dye. The entrapping capacities of the gel-capsule toward copper ion, lead ion and rhodamine B could reach 980.22, 171.17 and 327.9 mg/g respectively. By contrast, the capacity of the gel formed from water soluble chitosan and sodium alginate was as lower as 181.02 mg/g for Cu2+.