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Study of physical-chemical properties for 2nd generation ethanol-blended diesel fuel in India

Singh, Gurkamal Nain, Bharj, Rabinder Singh
Sustainable chemistry and pharmacy 2019 v.12 pp. 100130
agricultural products, biofuels, crops, diesel engines, diesel fuel, emissions, ethanol, green chemistry, income, markets, sulfur, viscosity, wastes, India
The present study pertains to glorify the significance of physical and chemical properties of blended diesel fuel with 2nd generation ethanol when applied to compression ignition engine. The assessed fuel properties are density, kinematic viscosity, Cetane number, calorific value, sulfur content and flash point for the prepared blends with respect to fuel quality standards. The results are examined based on present stipulations set for fuel quality rendering Bharat Stage VI standard norms in India. Fuel density and viscosity got slightly decreased with the aggregate of 2nd generation ethanol concentration, at the same time sulfur content also witnessed a similar trend. Cetane number also decreased considerably with the inclusion of 2nd generation ethanol content in diesel fuel. Use of 2nd generation ethanol in diesel fuel will expand markets for agricultural commodities and generate extra revenue from 2nd generation ethanol which is produced from waste residuals of the crops. To achieve stringent emissions regulations and government declarations of increasing biofuel usage can be succeeded by adopting 2nd generation ethanol-blended diesel as a commercial fuel in India. Tested 2nd generation ethanol-blended diesel fuel displayed comparable properties values to those of pure diesel fuel. All verified properties were within the standard limits of diesel fuel. It includes an incisive discussion on the feasible effects of fuel property variation with 2nd generation ethanol-blended diesel fuel concentration. The extreme concentration of 2nd generation ethanol in diesel fuel that can meet the essential characteristics within the range for diesel engine application has been being assessed here.