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Model inversion of BCVL based on DWD of MISR image

Fu, Wei, Pei, Huan, Li, Zeng-shun, Shen, Hao, Li, Jun-shuai, Wang, Peng-yuan
Remote sensing applications 2019 v.13 pp. 401-407
algorithms, arithmetics, image analysis, leaf area index, leaves, models, radiative transfer, remote sensing, vegetation, wavelet
This paper puts forward a novel algorithm for the inversion of biophysical components of vegetation leaves (BCVL) by means of Remote Sensing (RS) image based on multi-scale two-dimension Discrete Wavelet Decomposition (DWD). With the aid of the MISR (multi-angle imaging spectro-radiometer) image, the multi-scale BCVL inversion is implemented with the algorithm on each scale of wavelet decomposition based on DWD of MISR image. The retrieved results of the rough-scale wavelet decomposition are regarded as a priori knowledge of the fine-scale inversion, and then the retrieved results of the rough-scale are also considered as the initial values of the fine-scale inversion. In this way, wavelet decomposition of MISR image is gradually refined, and the retrieved result is likewise gradually refined until the final retrieved result of BCVL is achieved in the end. The algorithm provides a novel solution scheme for the model inversion of BCVL with the aid of DWD of MISR image. Furthermore, this article also discusses the arithmetic principle of the model inversion of BCVL by employing the radiative transfer model of vegetation leaves (RTMV). On this basis, this manuscript builds the inversion model of BCVL based on RTMV. The proposed algorithm is applied specially to the model inversion of BCVL by using MISR image in this experiment, and satisfactory results are finally achieved. Taking the model inversion of LAI (leaf area index) as an example, the retrieved result of a higher precision is achieved in the experiment. Where, correlation coefficient between measured LAI and retrieved LAI is R=0.84, and root-mean-square error is RMSE=0.26. Experiment demonstrates that the proposed algorithm is very effectual and reliable in the model inversion of BCVL. The proposed algorithm opens up a novel algorithmic pathway for the model inversion of BCVL by means of DWD of MISR image.