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Ensiling characteristics of distillers wet grains with corn stalks and determination of the feeding potential for dairy heifers1

J.L. Anderson, K.F. Kalscheur, A.D. Garcia, D.J. Schingoethe, D.P. Casper, D.H. Kleinschmit
The professional animal scientist 2015 v.31 no.4 pp. 359-367
acetic acid, alfalfa, bags, cattle feeds, corn, corn stover, dairy heifers, diet, digestibility, dry matter intake, grass hay, lactic acid, mixing, orchards, pH, silage, silage additives, silos
The characteristics and feeding potential of corn distillers wet grains with solubles ensiled with corn stalks were evaluated in a 2-part experiment. Six individual batches of 66.7% distillers wet grains with solubles and 33.3% corn stalks (on an as-fed basis) were mixed and ensiled in 2 plastic silage bags. A set of 3 batches was left untreated (UNT), and the other set of 3 batches was treated (TRT) with a silage additive. Silos were sampled for analysis on d 0, 7, 14, and 21 after ensiling. The ensiling study was followed by a 6-wk randomized complete block design feeding study using 12 dairy heifers (initial BW of 213.8±3.03kg) with 3 diets. Treatment diets were (1) control (CON) consisting of 30.3% grain mixture and 69.7% alfalfa and orchard grass hay, (2) 99% UNT blend and 1% mineral premix, and (3) 99% TRT blend and 1% mineral premix on a DM basis. In the ensiling study, blends were similar in DM, CP, ADF, pH, lactic acid, and acetic acid. In the feeding study, body frame measurements and ADG were similar among heifers fed all diets. Dry matter intakes were greater and G:F was less (P<0.01) for heifers fed CON compared with UNT and TRT diets. Total-tract DM digestibility was greater (P<0.05) for heifers fed CON and TRT compared with UNT. Digestibility of NDF, ADF, and CP was less for heifers fed CON and UNT diets compared with TRT. Ensiled distillers wet grains with solubles with corn stalks can make a quality feed for heifers.