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Global environmental vulnerability and the survival period of all living beings on earth

Hossain, Md. F.
International journal of environmental science and technology 2019 v.16 no.2 pp. 755-762
absorption, burning, carbon, carbon dioxide, equations, fossil fuels, greenhouse gas emissions, land use, toxicity
A mathematical comparison between global carbon emissions and sequestration rate has been performed, which demonstrated that global environment is currently experiencing severe vulnerability to survive all living being on earth. The annual global carbon emission rate has been calculated, considering all forms of carbon dioxide emission from burning fossil fuel, misuse of terrestrial land use along with other sources. Consequently, the global carbon sequestrations by all sources of ocean sink, terrestrial absorption, and the earth sink, and associated factors have also been calculated. This was performed in order to determine the atmospheric CO₂ concentration level increasing comparing several years of data. The mathematical calculation revealed that presently atmospheric CO₂ concentration is increasing at the rate of 2.11% ppm for that past several years. The 60,000 ppm CO₂ concentration into the atmosphere is the toxic level at which all living beings to cause die in 30 minutes. Since atmospheric CO₂ is increasing rapidly, thus, I have calculated the survival period of all living being on earth by expressing a simple equation: [Formula: see text] which revealed that all living beings on earth will become extinct in 121,017,712 years if we do not reduce the current level of CO₂ emission.